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our coffee is roasted by Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis, individually selected, ethically sourced, and 10% of all profits go to providing clean water projects in coffee-farming communities through Solea Water.


Coffee is the world's second-most traded commodity. People drink it all the time, often every single day. Whether that's hand-brewing in your kitchen or swinging through a drive thru, we all just love the stuff. So what if you could keep drinking the coffee you love - really good, quality coffee - and have it make a difference in the world? We started Silo to be a place where specialty coffee can be housed in the same place as social justice for coffee farmers. Let us bring great coffee into your workplace or event, and you can know that you're making a difference in coffee-farming communities with every delicious sip.





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Choose your package based on guest count. We'll provide one drink to each of your guests + bring 10% extra just in case.

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$240 | 2 hours

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$450 | 3 hours

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$310 | 2 hours

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$550 | 3 hours

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$380 | 2 hours

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