We're dedicated to ethically sourced, specialty coffee and funding clean water projects in coffee farming communities.


Social Impact

10% of profits support clean water projects through Solea Water

We're putting the world’s second most traded commodity to work for the world’s most important resource: coffee for water. 663 million people across the globe lack access to clean, safe water. Our partner Solea Water works in coffee farming communities across Latin America to implement clean water projects and at the same time we make sure our coffees are sourced from farms whose workers are paid and treated fairly. 

Our utmost goal is to see these coffee farming communities lifted out of poverty, and we work towards business practices and a business model that will increase their overall wellbeing.

 Esmerelda Estate, Boquete, Panama - February 2016

Esmerelda Estate, Boquete, Panama - February 2016

Our Story

Silo Coffee + Goods is run by husband and wife duo Anthony and Rachael Burchett. They started Silo in the fall of 2015 as a response to a funding need for Solea Water. Rachael was looking for a more sustainable source of revenue for Solea Water, something that could allow the nonprofit to function with less dependency on inconsistent grants and fundraising revenue, but something that would also empower the communities Solea Water works with in Latin America. 



We're so grateful to have wonderful relationships with the following partners, locally and internationally.

 Roaster-  Blueprint Coffee